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Acrostic Universe (A Christmas poem by Free Speech Open Mic)

Linear innuendo never end. Leading inside naked eyes. Leaving interstellar news exploding. Oh I can not bare much more Supplicant and green without any semblance of twittering slate, dripping, spilling, tottering. I know that you think you’re the queen of the underground, whose efficacy is diminished by the unadulterated cries of long perished deities screaming … Continue reading

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Scott Rains at Free Speech Open Mic

Event page Scott Rains is a lifelong purveyor of the newspaper arts and a poet of no real consequential regard. But he keeps writing because that’s what he does. Born in Lawton, raised in Duncan and, after years of dreams of escape, he’s embraced his Southwest Oklahoma-“ness” and writes tales from the wildlands. Enjoy … Continue reading


Originally posted on okieprogressive:
Teri McGrath I’ll tell you one thing that makes conversation and cooperation pretty difficult is a gun. Nothing shifts dialogue into monologue faster than the promise of violence. A gun is the promise of violence, no matter whose hand it is in. Jesus Christ said if we live by the sword,…