Children Don’t Need to Suffer in Our Country

Children don’t ever need to suffer in our country. But they suffer all the time. And we watch it happening. We know we have hungry children, and children getting shuffled around foster care and then pushed into the streets, and we watch an increasing number of children die from bullets. We know that happens all the time, and we tsk and say, “It’s so tragic!” And raise up our hands like there’s nothing we can do but pray. But there IS PLENTY we can do. We can stop putting people in jail. We can stop bitching about 1% of our taxes buying FOOD for PEOPLE. We can hold the police accountable when they murder children and hold their chiefs and supervisors and departments accountable. We should work to ensure that a young working mother gets something more out of her hard work than just enough to make her lose her Medicaid. I think the best thing we can do for our children is to live in such a way that we provide them with a good example of how to be cool and happy.

We like judging others because it gives us a chance to nod in the direction of what we know is right without ever making any other part of us move in that direction. We don’t need to burn this witch to prove that we love babies. We need to feed them, and we need to give them a future.

Teri McGrath


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