Schedule of Events

(Subject to chaos)

5-6 pm

Set up:  Come help out if you can. We’ll put up tables, tents and shades.  We’ll set up the kitchen and the book exchange.

6 pm

 Teri McGrath will welcome ralliers and introduce guests speakers:

Donna Bebo: The Democratic candidate running against Tom Cole to represent Oklahoma’s Fourth District in the U.S. Congress.  Like a growing number of candidates who want to be beholden only to the people they represent, Bebo has vowed not to accept PAC money and is relying on the passion and work of her supporters to defeat Tom Cole.  Her victory in the primary is an indication that she might be on to something.

Martha Skeeters and Brittany Mays: Martha is the President of Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice, she and Brittany Mays and many other women worked together to fight and defeat personhood legislation in this state, through lobbying, on line organizing, and organizing Oklahoma’s participation in the national March Against the War on Women.

Lily Bragg: Oraganizer for the local  Free Bradley Manning Campaign.  Lawton’s demonstration will take place on the 5th of July at noon.

Juliana O’Reilly, a former Occupy activist will give a talk called.  “Free the Police: on disentangling the barrier of force between the people and the power by building people-powered communities on local, state, national, and international levels”.

Lisa Smith will talk about the 580 Rollergirls!

[This list may grow]


Winifred Floyd, from Oklahoma City, will perform and lead us in an epic drum circle.  Bring your things to bang on.

730 pm

Open Mic.  Speakers must sign up before hand. Each speaker is limited to three minutes.  Make an announcement, rant, tell a story or poem, sing if you want to.  The mic is open.

[Note: it is possible that not everyone will get a chance to speak, and it’s certain that none of us will really be done talking.  We hope that participants will continue discussions on our message board and that some will volunteer to organize the next free speech event.]


Undead Evolution will take the stage and play us out of the rally.  You will want to stick around and hear this amazing local rock n’ roll band.  They are the real deal.  Check them out!!


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