My house

by Rose M. Welch

Note to self. Download this later.
Motrin is my friend. That is all.
Why does that even matter?
Virus Evacuation Bacteria Recall

Get free speech and not Ugandians?
Attempted to strawman my points.
Elections vs. Egyptian electians.
About were led by FBI informants: ”

But law libraries are the best.
Of The Pixie’s “Where Is My Mind?”.
Strive to rise to the highest.

Everyone needs to look at these:
Suspicious substance AQAP Al Qaeda
I just need some sliced cheese!

Us some

by Rose M. Welch

Protected, but in the meantime…
Prominent scientists and inventors:
Ready for jail time?
– posed to be the investigators.

Rose is looking at me funny. What?”
Watch Lightening Aid Relief Closure
Right now, then we should do that.
Communications infrastructure

Stones intro to this segment.
Bro. Wrong about Gutenburg press.
Rape as a karmic punishment.
Culture in 140 characters or less.
Do you deserve special treatment?

Donna Bebo at Free Speech Lawton

Donna Bebo is an activist, church leader, political consultant and former candidate for U.S. congress, a mother and just basically a badass. She has a lot of stories to tell about running campaigns in this state and about civic engagement in general. There is a lot we can learn from her.

As usual, after her presentation, there will be time for open mic–political rants will be especially welcome–and time for questions and discussions. This will be a great evening. Come be a part of it.


The Bakery Emporium

1320 NW Homestead Drive, Suite A, Lawton, Oklahoma 73505

Acrostic Universe (A Christmas poem by Free Speech Open Mic)

Linear innuendo never end.
Leading inside naked eyes.
Leaving interstellar news exploding.

Oh I can not bare much more
Supplicant and green
without any semblance of twittering
slate, dripping, spilling, tottering.

I know that you think
you’re the queen of the underground,
whose efficacy is diminished
by the unadulterated cries
of long perished deities
screaming from the collective unconscious.

We are stardust.  We are golden

fragments of time
gets tangled in the past

Left to his own demises and floating,
Exquisite Corpse screams silent stories of yesteryear,

The bleeding blood seeped down the staircase
and the yapping ideot seesed his yapping.

This year I will bleed for better reason.

I will stop procrastination…at some point in the near future.

After we slew the Gods we chopped trees down
brought them in and decorated them
because they held their lost souls.

Ho! Ho! Ho!


Scott Rains at Free Speech Open Mic


Event page

10672258_748291397284_4149740884743635708_nScott Rains is a lifelong purveyor of the newspaper arts and a poet of no real consequential regard. But he keeps writing because that’s what he does.
Born in Lawton, raised in Duncan and, after years of dreams of escape, he’s embraced his Southwest Oklahoma-“ness” and writes tales from the wildlands.
Enjoy an evening of poems, prose and polemic from the notebook of The Lawton Constitution’s “Jackhole Journalist” (& poet) in residence.
If you’ve ever wanted to know what goes into the daily newspaper you read or just want to pique the mind (or pick on) a working writer, here’s your chance! Question and answer and discussion about the craft, the biz and the state of the world encouraged.

The Bakery Emporium

Tuesday, October 7
at 6:00pm
1320 NW Homestead Drive, Suite A, Lawton, Oklahoma 73505


There will be a short open mic, so bring your poems or songs. Also, the Cameron University chapter of Sigma Tau Delta will be collecting food for the food bank, so if you have a donation, bring it!

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Teri McGrath

224867_616517682864_449966030_nI’ll tell you one thing that makes conversation and cooperation pretty difficult is a gun. Nothing shifts dialogue into monologue faster than the promise of violence. A gun is the promise of violence, no matter whose hand it is in. Jesus Christ said if we live by the sword, we will die by the sword. Right now, we are living by the gun, and we are dying by the gun. And there is no way to opt out. I don’t know how to solve the problem, but it is a problem. I want us all to agree that it is a problem. I do not want to live by the gun. I do not want to live in conflict, in competition and fear. I don’t want war. War on drugs, war on women, war on terror. I don’t want it.

The argument seems to go that I will…

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